We sell  polymer clay, safe and nontoxic polymer clay. We also sell polymer clay products made-to-order, polymer clay tools and accessories.

Making your own polymer clay creation can be fun. It can be perfect as gifts to your kids, friends, business partners, etc. Making your own polymer clay creations for either personal purposes or for sale is highly rewarding. Not only do you get a great sense of achievement but you have something precious that, when made well, will last forever.

Tips For Baking Your Clay Always preheat your oven using an oven thermometer to check your oven temperature before inserting your clay. You do not want it higher than the recommended temperature but you want it high enough for the clay to harden properly.

Note: You cannot over-bake your clay pieces. If you under-bake them they will not harden properly. If you bake at too high a temperature, they will burn. It is better to bake them a little longer (at the correct temperature) than not enough.

Baking in a Regular Oven:
If you are baking in your regular oven, place your pieces on quilt batting or ceramic tile inside an old baking pan, dedicated to clay only, covered with a tight fitting lid or seal with aluminum foil. You could also wrap the entire ceramic tile in aluminum foil, "tenting" it so it doesn't touch your clay. Do not open or unwrap inside the oven but wait until it is completely cooled after baking.

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Liquid polymer clay

Eraser Clay make in Korea

Kato Clay

Glow at night Clay make in Korea

Polymer Clay

Polymer Clay all we have 42 colors.

Air Dry Clay make in Japan

Air Dry Clay

Resin Clay make in Taiwan

Super Light Clay make in Korea
Air Dry Clay make in Taiwan

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Figurines Clay make in Taiwan
Air Dry Clay make in Spain.
Air Dry Clay make in Korea

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