Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Polymer Clay /Accessories Set For Sale

Code: JULY01
Order now!!!!while stocks last.
Price: RM138
1.) 12 pieces polymer clay with each bar 50gram.
2.)5 meters of bracelet chain as picture shown.(stainless steel)
3.) 5 pieces of ''love '' charms
4.) A pack of eyescrew with 100pieces.
5.) A pack of eyepin with 100pieces.
6.) 10 pieces of lobster hoot.
7.) A pack of100pieces double jumpring.
8.) One sample 7 ''long bracelet chain with lobster and jumpring.(stainless steel)
9.) 2 pieces of 3D red strawberry charms.
10.) 2 pieces of flat mickey mouse charms.
11.) 2 pieces of red apple 3D charms.
12.) 2 pieces of flat fruits charms.
13.) One plier.

Angry Birds Earing Set For Sale

Code: AAGG01
6 pairs of angry birds earing set

Metal Charms For Sale

Code: LS001

Keychain for sale

Code: KYY01
Retail or wholesale available

Jumpring for sale

Jumpring (chrome)
Code: JR01
Retail or wholesale available.

Mini cap hpone straps for sale

Code: HPS01
 Retail :- Minimum order 100pieces
Wholesale available with minimum order 1000pieces above...

Mini Cap Phone Strap 5cm

Monday, June 27, 2011

Products made with polymer clay

Just sharing, not for sale...hehe..
done by one of my customers from Sabah/teenage...she spends her time doing different kinds of craft, such as beading, making clay products...this is what she showed to me just now...very good. Cheers !!!

Mini Flower Mold

Mini mold heart shape design

Size: small one is 3mm and bigger one is 5mm
using in a small surface 

Button Made With polymer Clay

Using round shape cutter and different sizes heart shape  cutters to design variety of Polymer Clay Button pattern!!!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Polymer Clay Mold

Sample Shown photo frame with words alphabet mold used "KISS"
Tips: Just pop out your finished piece than put in an oven bake for 10 minits with 100degree.
Since different clays have different features, there are clays which are sticky than the others and so affect the pop out effect, in the case, we would recommend:
- Put the clay into the fridge for around 5-10 minutes, than only try to pop it out again.
NOTICE: If you make a mold for non-food purposes, DO NOT use the same mold with food.

Polymer Clay For sale

Code: TUT001
35 Colors x50gram polymer clay for sell.
Tutorial Figurine As Picture Shown. Learning differents skill and technique.
Picture: A1

Picture: A2

Photo Frame Make With Polymer Clay

Magnet And Keychain Items Make With Polymer Clay

Below items are just a part, many more custome handmake products are not listed out, please feel free contact us for more details. Thank you for your attention.
Tel: 012-3657965
We hope that we can cooperate with more customers from all over the world and sincerely welcome all of you!

Cupcake Make With Polymer Clay

Cupcake Idea !!!

Wedding Gift Make With Polyemr Clay

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Tools Set

Tools Set TY001

Temporarily out of stock!

Set AP01


Friday, June 24, 2011

Plastic Mold

Polymer Clay Mold Different Kinds Of Design Pattern

Polymer Clays Tools

Shape Line Cutter
Code: SLS01

Code: SS001

Flower Blossom Plunger Cutter
Code: FBP01
Full Set =4 pieces with different sizes
1.) Roll out the clay
2.) Cut out flower blossom without pressing plunger
3.) Press and eject

 Plastic Shape Cutter
Code: PSC01
 Metal Shape Cutter
Code: MSC01

Polymer Clay With Wooden Beads For Sale

Code: WD001
Price: RM250

Full Set Color as picture shown!!!

1.) 5 colors string (black, white, pink, blue and light green) as picture shown x each 2 meter long.
2.)35 colors bar of polymer clay with each block 50gram. ( as picture shown).
3.) Wooden alphabet beads from a to z all ahphabet with each alphabet 100pcs per pack, so total is 26packs of alphabet beads x100pieces. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Polymer Clay full set with accesories for sale

Code: MMT001
Front view
Price RM108
1.) A box of multipurpose mini tool box
2.) 100 pieces of eyescrew
3.) 100 pieces of double jumpring
4.) 100 pieces of earing hoot
5.) 200 pieces of eyepin
6.) 10 pieces of keychain
7.) 20 pieces of min cap phone straps
8.) 2 pieces of 75gram white =150gram polymer clay
9.) 8 pieces of 50gram each block polymer clay as picture given
Order now!!!!!!
Design and packing by Shirly Yong
 Side view

 Size of full box look.
 Side view
 Side view with fully open
 Front view - this set materials and stuff as picture shown

Keychain For Sale.

New design pattern!!!!
*****available now****

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Heart Shape Cutter with polymer clay for sale

New Design
Code: HEA002
Price RM100
1.) 12 pieces of polymer clay with each block 50gram.
2.) A tube of selleys supa glue.
3.) 10 pieces of flat alligator hair clip with black in colors. ''mix size''
4.) A pack of 6 pieces  different sizes heart shape cutter.
***** A piece of special gift make by this heart shape cutter..subject to change the design pattern..*****
Free gift sample ..SS01

Heart Shape Cutter With Polymer Clay For Sale

New Design
Code: HEA001
Price RM120

1.) A pack of 6 pieces  different sizes heart shape cutter. 
2.) 50 pieces of mini cap hpone straps.
3.) 10 pieces of keychain.
4.) A pack with 50 pieces eyescrew.
5.) A tube of selley's supa glue.
6.) A pack with 100pieces double jumpring.(rodium white gold plated)
7.) 50 pieces of earing hoot. (chrome)
8.) 50 pieces of eyepin. (chrome)
9.) 12 pieces of polymer clay with each block 50gram.

***** special gift for this item as picture shown below*****
''You Are The Only One''

''You Are The Only One''

''You Are The Only One''