Thursday, January 31, 2013

Japanese Wood Tray

Code : MINJJ
Size: W 42mm x L42mm
迷你日式盛器 Japanese Wood Tray

Mix Colors Barrel Astec Beads For Sale

Mix Colors Barrel Astec Beads For Sale
100pcs = RM5
These Barrel Astec Beads come 100 pcs to a bag,
and are 6 x 9mm in size. They can be used to create beaded bracelets,
beaded necklaces, beaded key chains and other kids craft projects.


Size: 2.5cmw x 3cml x1.2cm t
Price: 80sen per piece offer until 5 Feb 2013 only.


size: W3.8cm x L 3cm
wooden tray for sales.

Code: OCTM01

Code: OCTM01
Price: RM138

a.) 16pieces polymer clay with 50gram each piece
b.) 4 pieces of craft tools
c.) a box with 6 different sizes heart shape metal cutter
... d). 10 pieces of keychain
e.) 20 pieces of hpone straps.
f.) 100 pieces of eyescrew
g.) one container gold powder.

Offer for dealer only

Offer for dealer only...Code: PCST001

Price: RM150.....50% offer =RM75
valid date 31 Jan 2013 til 5 Feb 2013.
Offer as follows, not exchangeable (as picture shown)
1.) 20pieces of polymer Clay with 50gram each block.
2.) a piece double... round ended polymer clay tool.
3.) one piece tweezer
4.) A tube of shelly's glue
5.) a pack of beads as picture shown with 100pieces different colors/mix
6.) 12 pieces of hpone straps black colors.
7.) 10 pieces of flat aligator hairclip/black colors
8.) 10pieces of eyepin
9.) 10pieces of jingle bells metallic as picture shown
10.) 10pieces of earing hoot (metal chrome)
11.) 3pieces of pin as picture shown.

Polymer set for sales

Polymer set for sales.Code: OCTM01
Price: RM168..offer now Price: RM148.

a.) 16pieces polymer clay with 50gram each piece.
b.) 4 pieces of craft tools
c.) a box with 6 different sizes heart shape metal cutter
... d). 10 pieces of keychain
e.) 20 pieces of hpone straps.
f.) 100 pieces of eyescrew
g.) one container gold powder.


Code: WD001
Price: RM180..offer price.

 1.) 5 color strings (black, white, pink, blue and light green) as picture shown x each 2 meter long.
2.) 35 color bars of polymer clay with each block 50gram. ( as picture shown).
3.) Wooden alphabet beads from a to z, every alphabet 100pcs per pack, so total is 26packs of alphabet beads x100pieces.

Code: JAN2013

Code: JAN2013.....
this set as picture shown is exclusive
with 3 pcs glass bottle.
Please take note!
Price RM158,
limited stock for 5 sets only.

Polymer clay for sales

Polymer clay for sales , we ship worldwide.......
orders above 200kg will be shipped by sea.
Customers who would like to try this clay can request
for sample by furnishing your name and address
for me to post to you, you only have to bear the postage.
Gmail me your details to

Clay Tool

Code :13TOOL

Clay tools

Clay tools available now.....


Code :120GUN.
This one is heavy duty
and stainless steel.

Super light clay

Super light clay,
we imported 5000 packs in 18 colours and just arrived yesterday.
Until today we have sold 4600 packs.
We didn’t expect this!!
And now we are left with only 6 colours.
For those who want to buy super light clay...
please take note. Thanks.

Air Dry Clay

A and B clay for making jewelry,
kikikikik...very sticky...akkakakakka...

Air Dry Clay

RM6 per pack of 200gram.
Min order 50kg.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Air Dry Clay

Air dry clay for sales ,
code: 03AIRCLAY.
RM6 per pack, with 200gram.
Min order 50kg.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Clock, done by Shirly Yong .....

Batik pattern

Done by Shirly Yong,
draw batik pattern as background ,
use felt to make the figurine on top,
than apply roses made with air dry clay....Cheers!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Mini photoframe

Mini photoframe restock now,
for those who want to purchase please gmail to
Price range RM2.20 to RM2.80 per pc,
solid wood and with good quality.

Alphabet buttons for sales

Dear all, Alphabet buttons for sales ,
25 sen per piece ,
selected alphabet available for dealers only....
please gmail to
for more details .......

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Metal roses for sales

Metal roses for sales,
Price: 50sen per pc.

Alphabet beads for sales

Alphabet beads for sales,
10 sen per pc.


Done by Shirly Yong...Necklace.


Done by Shirly Yong. SOAP.
Decorate with clay roses.....

Metal chain for sales

Metal chain for sales ,
Price: RM5 per meter.
Code : CHAIN22


Bracelet and sample done shown....
10pcs =RM30.

Key and heart shape metal

Selling per pair,
key and heart shape metal....

Elba oven for sales

Elba oven for sales ,
Price: RM75.
Condition: new.
Available stock: 4 .

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Spring. Code : SPRING.....
Price range 80sen to RM1.50 per piece.
Suitable for clay crafting....acts as base.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Button for sales...

Button for sales...

Hello kitty wooden charms for sales ....

Rubber stamps set

Rubber stamps set for sales,

Hello kitty mini rubber stamps

Hello kitty mini rubber stamps for sales......
with 4 design patterns / 4 different shapes.

Mini rubber stamps

Mini rubber stamps for sales,
5 pieces as picture shown.
Made in Korea.
RM8.00 per set.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Buy the clay roses at claystationyong workshop

Buy the clay roses at claystationyong workshop and DIY your own hairclip, charms, pendant, keychain......etra. All are free hand make. variety of colors and sizes available..

Friday, January 11, 2013

Polymer clay book for sales

Polymer clay book for sales
I like it very much.....super cute..

 Nice? Code : FELTPP......158pages, size: 23cm x 26cm.

clay book

clay book

clay book




Craft books for sale

Craft books for sale,
It is suitable for kindergarten kids DIY
or for kindergarten teachers' reference!

Code : CRAFTBB1. RM25.

Code :CRAFTBB2. RM25.

Code : CRAFTBB3.RM25.

Code :CRAFTBB4, RM25.