Thursday, February 28, 2013

Felt - retail and wholesale

Felt, We are selling per meter retail....... wholesales is per roll as picture shown... gmail us for more details.
Tel: 012-3657965
1. size: 20x30cm/sheet or more sizes on request for retails size.
2. color: purple,orange,green,yellow,blue etc 100 mores.
... 3. ideal for fabric crafts, collage and card making, teachers, schools. assorted felt shapes to creat your own design
4. design: cut our flowers, letters, hearts, round, rectangle and more...
Price: range lowest in Malaysia....
thickness: 1mm
materials: felt.
width: 84cm.
selling: per roll. min 35meter per roll.

Felt color palette

Claystationyong Workshop Adorable Poly Felt color pallete available now.
Total we have 112 color tones.
Raw material : poly felt
Thickness : 1mm
Size: 84cm width, 3500cm(35meters) length for each roll.

Sample package

If you have no idea what to buy,
just tell me what you are going to make, 
with your budget and I will suggest a package 
for you to match your needs, with photo.
 If you are sastified with it, 
then only you make payment. 
Picture shows a ''Sample'' 
of one of my customers order ...

Wednesday, February 27, 2013



Shirly Yong...this is the first time I use air dry clay
to make an umbrella...Cheers!!!

Mix buttons

Mix buttons
For those who have already pre-ordered previously
will get the goods on 7 April 2013,
for those who still want to pre-order for this set,
mix alphabet buttons and numbering buttons,
heart shape buttons, flowers ...buttons, animals buttons,
please gmail to for more details.
Price: 1 to 500pcs is 35sen per pc.
500 to 1000pcs is 30sen per pc.
2000pieces above is 25sen per pc.
Benefit for pre-order customer is
 can select the alphabet and quantity they want.

Numbering buttons

Numbering buttons for sales .
Mix zero to nine.
1000pieces RM150.

Figurine books......

Figurine books......

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Plastic coated wire

Plastic coated wire for sales,
variety of colors, gmail me for more details ....

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Monday, February 18, 2013

Metal cutters for sales



Price: RM59.90.
You will get all the goods as picture shown.
The air dry clay is 250g per pack.

Polymer Clay Set

Code: 17WOAIPO.
Price: RM59.90.

Polymer Clay Set

Polymer Clay Set
Code : TRYME.
Price: RM19.90.

3 - piece round metal cutters

3 - piece round metal cutters.
Price: RM9.90.

3 - piece set square metal cutters

3 - piece set square metal cutters.
Price RM9.90.

4-piece metal round ended tools set

Code: RTOLS4.
4-piece metal round ended tools set.
 Price RM59.90.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Clay set offer. Code: MIPSC17.
You will get all the goods as picture shown.
A 160-page book, 5 packs of 80g super light clay,
4 packs of 250g air dry clay,
a pack of 500g nice feeling clay
and a pack of air dry paper clay.
Total weight = 2.2kg.
Code: CREAMX7. Price: RM99.
A 92-page book, a bottle of glue,
2 packs of 250g each pack air dry clay
and 2 pieces accessories as picture shown.
Available set: 1
Offer Polymer Clay Set RM49.90.
Code: POTO17.
Please do not choose any other colour
other than the colours of '' polymer clay/25g per bar''
given as in picture shown.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Clay Set. Code: MIXPOA17

Clay Set. Code: MIXPOA17.
 Price: RM99.
You get 2 packs of air dry clay with each pack 250g,
 a pack of 12 colors oil color,
4 pieces of tools and
22 pieces of 25g polymer clay.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

PoLymer clay set

PoLymer clay set,
Code: 14POLY.
Price: RM68.
You will get 20 pieces of polymer clay with each bar 25g,
a set of mould as picture shown.
With this set you can make charms, earings, pendant..
or buttons where you can poke holes on it.

Code : 201313POLY

Code : 201313POLY.
You will get all the goods as picture shown.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Code: CNY2013

Buy clays to get free gifts as picture shown.
Code: CNY2013.
Price: RM88.......fatt ahhhhhh.
The polymer clays are 25g per pc,
others are super light clay......
hurry....take action.

Keychain for sales

Keychain for sales ,
Code: KEY2013.
1000pieces =RM120.
Below 1000 pieces =20sen per piece.

Code: BUTTON13

Code: BUTTON13......
Price: 15sen per pc with mix colors,
Valid from date: 07 February til 15 February 2013 Only.

Alphabet buttons and Heart shape buttons for sales.....

Promotion Now! Take action oh!!!!!!
Gmail us for more details.
A, E, I ,O ,U mix all this =500pcs.
other alphabets mix =500pcs.
heart shape =100pcs
total is 1100pcs = RM165.

Code : FEB2013

Code : FEB2013. Price: RM68.00.
You will get 28colors of polymer clay
with each bar of 25g and
a set of 3 pcs star shape cutter.

Code : CUTTERXX. All of this RM9.9.

Code : CUTTERXX. All of this RM9.9.


Code : CUTTERMX, as picture shown RM9.9.
You will get 4 pieces of different round shape ,
3 different size of star shape and
3 pieces of different size carnation cutter.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Polymer clay

Polymer clay price list in USD rate.
25g per piece is USD 0.80
50g per piece is USD 1.80
250g per piece is USD 5.80
500g per piece is USD 11.30