Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Sample Only
Done By Shirly Yong
You can buy figurines from me and create your own necklace design patterns.

Figurine Make With Polymer Clay

Code: Custom Make Items
Size: 3cm height
Min order 50pcs
Sunshine Figurine

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Shinee, Top, G-dragon, Taeyang, Seungri Make With Polymer Clay

Code: BIBG111
Custom Make Items!
Bun Head Figurine
Done by Shirly Yong


Done by Shirly Yong

Monday, September 26, 2011

G-dragon Make With Polymer Clay

Custom Make Items!
Sample - Free Hand Make Done By Shirly
5cm height

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mermaid Make With Polymer Clay

Code: MY001
Done By Shirly
Order Now!
''Lindo Figurine"

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Angry Birds Custom Make

Code: ANG01
Order Now!
Min order 100pcs...+
RM1.8 per pc
Size:  approx 1.5cm w

Mermaid Make With Polymer Clay

Code: MMP01
Custom make Item
Size: 4cm tall
Materials: Polymer Clay
'' Lindo Figurine''

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Color Pallete Polymer Clay Claystationyong

Color Pallete

Cute Figurines Wholesale /Manufactures, Suppliers & Exporters...

Code: FG001
Min Order 100pcs- Can mix with the sizes
Product Type: Sunshine Figurine
Material: Polymer Clay
Size: 1cm, 3cm,3.5cm and 4cm

Cute Figurine Custom Make...

Custom Make Item! Order Now.
Code: CCM

Friday, September 9, 2011

One-Day Tutorial Set With Polymer Clay Projects, Materials and Tools

Code: PCSM
Promotion Set For Tutorial including materials.
Duration- one day
Fees  RM 250 for  this project with 3 designs.
Making rose , double layer cake and set of angry birds.
Materials all provided during the class!!
1.) 15 pieces  Polymer Clay with each block of 50gram.
2.) 12 pieces black color handphone straps.
3.) 100 pieces mini eyescrew.
4.) 2 pcs flat string leather necklace.
5.)a pc of double ending round tool.
6.) a pc of nail brush/flat
7.) a bottle of gloss varnish.

Handphone Straps For Sale

Code: HPP01

Figurine - Tutorial

Wood Carving By Shirly Yong

Code: WWC01

Figurine Made By Shirly Yong

Code: FF001

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Key Chain & Holder For Sale

Code: KPP001

Metal Chain For Sale

Code: MC001
A1 - 0.8 x 3mm
B1 - 1 x 2mm Round
C1 - 1 x 3mm Round
D1 - 1.2 x 5mm
E1 - 2.5 x 7mm Oval 

Clasp Accessories/Fittings For Sale

Code: CCLLP1
All these items are stainless steel
from 40sen to 70sen per piece
Clasp Accessories/Fittings - materials =copper
Thanks for viewing our products, if you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Beadings Tools and Books For Sale

Promotion Set! Limited Stock.
Code: DIYB01
Price: RM68

1.) a set of 3 pcs pliers
2.) Beading Book
3.) 6 meter of 1.5mm aluminium wire
4.) 100 pcs of 3cm eyepin
5.) 50pieces of stainless steel earing hoot
6.) 5 pcs of silver round earing set
7.) 10 pcs of Swarovski Bicone  5mm /blue
8.) 10pcs of Swarovski Bicone  3mm/ dark blue
 loket page view...
Books.. contents:
- ring
-scarft ring
-sweet ring
-woven crystal ring
-necklace......and etc

Barrel Astec Beads For Sale

Code: BBAB01
Mix Colors Barrel Astec Beads For Sale
100pcs = RM5
These Barrel Astec Beads come 100 pcs to a bag, and are 6 x 9mm in size.  They can be used  to create beaded bracelets, beaded necklaces, beaded key chains and other kids craft  projects.

Polymer Clay Lesson - Level 2

Code: FFG01
Polymer Clay Lesson - Level 2

 Zoom View

Polymer Clay Beads For Sale

Code: PBMP1
Polymer Clay Beads
Note: Each polymer clay Bead is handmade. Therefore slightly different in size and shape is unavoidable.
BB001-diameter 7mm x L 10mm -30sen each pc
BB002 - diameter 5mm x L 10mm-30sen each pc
BB003- diameter 9mm x L 15mm 40sen each pc
BB004 - diameter 5mm , 30sen each pc
BB005 and BB008 = diameter 7mm, 30sen each pc
BB006 and BB007= 12mm x 5mm, 40sen each pc
BB009 to BB012 = diameter 5mm, round flat. hard, 50sen each pc

BB013 to BB024
Polymer Clay Beads -Round ,hard, 12mm, 50sen each pc

Cutter Press Mold -For Sale

Code: MIK01
Set of 2 cutters and 2 stamps Mikey Mouse
Each Cutter Size 5.5cm x 5.5cm x 2cm (depth) - Made of High quality and Durable Material

 Code: WIN01
Winnie The Pooh Tiger

Code: KITT1

 Code: RABB1


 Code: DDP1

 Back View
1.) Roll and make the Polymer Clay to be about 3 -5mm thick
2.) Pull out the inner press mold, as picture shown, than use the outer press mold to press out the pattern or design.
3.) After making the outline with outer press mold, use the inner press mold to make tree-dimensional pattern or shape.
4.) Put ready form shape polymer clay into the oven with 100c for 12 minutes.
- Can't bake use it with fire directly, or it will be deformed easily.
-Clean it with cloth after using.

Polymer Clay Press Mold

 Code: PM001
6 pieces of different design pattern mold as picture shown.
stainless steel

 To press out the pattern or design.

 Back view - thick and solid plastic mold- made in UK

 Size- diameter apprx 4.5cm

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Polymer Clay Gloss Varnish-Fashion Clothing Figurine Make With Polymer Clay

Fashion Clothing Figurine
Done By Shirly Yong With Polymer Clay

Sample !!!
Before apply gloss varnish exterior
More design patterns coming soon...
After apply gloss varnish....
 Gloss Varnish For Sell - size and design pattern as picture shown
 Apply thin layers in a criss-cross motion using a soft but firm brush suitable to surface size.
Use varnish full strength. If thinning is necessary, add drops of flow medium or retarder. Do not over dilute.