Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Alphabet Cutter

Code: ABCP1
size : 5mm -6mm
52 alphabets , also have 0-9 , and like + -* /

Modelling Tools- stainless steel 8 ending sets

Code: MTSS01

Sunshine Figurine For Sell

Code: Sunshine001
min order 50pieces
Shirly Yong

Winsor &Newton Oil Color For Sell

Code: OILPP01
- 12 colors per pack
- 18 colors per pack

Fondant Decorative Punch Set For Sell

Code: FDPS1
Fondant Decorative Punch Set
Add exciting 3 dimensional decorations in fondant with this easy-to-use tool.
The comfortable angled handle holds your choice of 8 designs disks.
Also great for adding fondant detail to cupcakes and cookies. Discs turn to lock in place
1. Large Tulip with Leaves
2. Dutch Blossom
3. Paisley with Dots
4. Wide Diamond with Scrolls
5. Small Tulip with Leaves
6. Snapdragon with Leaves
7. 4-Leaf Clover with Dots
8. Narrow Diamond with scrolls

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Miniature Clay Classes

Miniature Clay Details 
Material - Fee does not include any material 
Duration - Unlimited
Fee - RM80 for each project. ( Fruit Stall, vegetable Stall and Bread Stall etc... )
INSTRUCTOR - Shirly Yong
Tools: Will be loaned to you during the class
Top View

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Alphabet cutter With Polymer Clay For Sell

Price: RM68
1.) a set of alphabet a - z cutter
2.) 15 pieces of polymer clay with 25gram each pc
3.) 100pieces of eyescrew
4.) 100pieces of single jumpring
5.) 10pieces of keychain
6.) 20pieces of hpone straps
7.) a piece of metal bracelet
8.) 100pieces of eyepin

Polymer Clay For Sell

Code: NOMM1
Pirce: RM150
Limited Stock!
1.) 16pieces of polymer clay with 50gram each piece.
2.) 3 pieces heart shape cutter as picture shown.
3.) one gold powder
4.) a pack of head pin with 100pcs
5.)  100 pieces os eyescrew
6.) 100pieces of single jumpring
7.) 10pieces of keychain
8.) a piece of metal bracelet
9.) 20pieces of hpone straps
10.) a piece of metal bracelet

Polymer Clay Set For Sell

Code: OCTM01
Price: RM168
a.) 16pieces polymer clay with 50gram each piece
b.) 4 pieces of craft tools
c.) a box with 6 different sizes heart shape metal cutter
d). 10 pieces of keychain
e.) 20 pieces of hpone straps.
f.) 100 pieces of eyescrew
g.) one container gold powder.

Gold Powder For Sell

Code: GPOW11

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Metal Pendant For Sell

Code: PNDA1

Code: PNDB2
 Code: PENBC1
 Code: PNBDD4
 Code: PNDBE5

Code : PNDBF6
Code : PNDBG7
Code : PNDBF6

Ball Chain For Sell



Code: BNKL

Bracelet Metal For Sell

Code: BRALL1

Monday, October 17, 2011

Round Shape Magnet For Sell

Code: MGGG
Size : Diameter 18mm
Best Price
min order 100pcs
RM0.5 per pc

Bento - Japanese Wood Tray For Sell

Code : MINJJ
Size: W 42mm x L42mm
迷你日式盛器 Japanese Wood Tray
Price : RM3.99 per pc

Mini Pot For Sell

Code POT001
Size : Diameter 15mm
Best Price
RM1.50 per pc

Mini Glass Bottle For Sell

Variety Of Sizes
Code: BOTT1
Price : RM1.8 per pc (big size)
Price : RM1.6 (medium size)
Price : RM1.5 Mini Size
 Sample done ! You can put the small items products such like figurine, color sand , rice, oil..etc into the mini glass bottle as souviner.

Mini Basket For Sell - Make With Rattan

 Code: BAS001
Materials : Rattan
Size : Diameter 3cm
Price: RM1.99 per pc
Started 17 Nov 2011 - 20% discount
til 15 Dec 2011 only

Mini Basket
 Sample Done/ Air dry clay

Miniature Items For Sell

Code: MINA001
Size: 5cm
Price: RM2.99 Per pc
Year End Promotion 32%
Started 17 Nov 2011
RM2 only
til 15 Dec 2011 only


Code: BSS1
Size: got 3 differents sizes
a) Diameter 40mm - RM2.5per pc
b) Diameter 30mm RM2.3per pc
c) Diameter 38mm -RM2.2per pc
Started 17 November 2011- 20% discount
til 15 Dec 2011 only
a) Diameter 40mm - RM2.5per pc - after %=RM2
b) Diameter 30mm RM2.3per pc- after %=RM1.85
c) Diameter 38mm -RM2.2per pc -after % =RM1.8
Sample Done!

Beads For Sell

Variety of sizes and colors beadings are selling at
For more info please gmail or sms
Tel   : 012-3657965

Code: BDB1
Code:  BDB2
 Code: BDB3
 Code: BDB4
 Code: BDB5

Button Station Yong - Button For Sell

Wholesale & Retailer Available Here!!!
 Sample View
 Button Alphabet & Number
variety of colors
Size: Approx L20mm x W13mm
25sen per pc can mix