Monday, August 29, 2011

Onion Rabbit Make With Polymer Clay

Custome Make Items
Done by Christ and Jie

 This is Onion Rabbit..nice or not? hehe....

Polymer Clay Figurine

Sample....Done by Christ Min/my daughter

Polymer Clay For Sale

Code: NN001
250gram each block x 35 colors

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Chess Set Make With Polymer Clay

Chess Set 
Free Handmake - Done By Shirly Yong
Can order for collection
Can also take lesson on making this set
Top View
 Front View

Friday, August 19, 2011

Polymer Clay Set For Sale

Code: PRBB001
Price : RM130
1.) 6 pieces of metal shape cutters.
2.) 26 pieces of  polymer clay with each block 25gram.
3.) 4 pieces of Tools as picture shown.
4.) One craft Book as picture shown - teaching in step by step how to make a polymer clay products..

 Zoom View
Tools and cutters

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Roses Make With Polymer Clay

Code: ROS01
Done By Shirly Yong
Free Hand Make
Tutorial On This Items! Level 2.

 Zoom View

Metal Hello Kitty charms For Sale

Code: HLO1
 Code: POLB01
 Code: HELOD1

Wired Pencil Container

Code: WIR01
Free Hand Make Product
Sample Done By Shirly Yong


Code: FLAT01


Code: PNDT01


Code: MICRO1
Micro - No Hole Beads
They have been used to give a sugared
look to artificial fruit ornaments and dimension to greeting cards.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

String Bracelet With Metal Alphabet Beads - Done By Shirly

Code: String Bracelet - Adjustable length
Done by Shirly
You can buy alphabet beads from me, we provide tutorial on these items.
Cube Wood Alphabet Letter Beads
Cube Plastic Alphabet Letter Beads
Cube Metal Alphabet Letter Beads

Hpone Straps With Lobster Hook For Sale

Code: HP005
Hpone straps with large lobster hook

Hpone Straps / Different Design Patterns For Sale

Code: HP004

Hpone Straps For Sale

Code: HP003

Polymer Clay For Sale

 Code: CHOP01
For Raya Promotion Set!!!! Get It Now!
9 pieces with each block of 50gram polymer clay as picture shown.
a piece of bear/figurine make with polymer clay
12 pieces of black colors hpone straps

Chocolate 82gram net.

String Bracelet

Bracelets shown below are Theena's creations
 These are only samples
There are many more patterns that are beautifully created by Theena
Anyone interested to learn this art can contact me
 Theena is available on weekdays
@ Claystation Workshop

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

SWAROVSKI Beads For Sale

Code: SWS01
Colour: Sunflower
Size: 4mm

Triangle Jump Ring

Code: TJMP01

Metal Square Beads

Code: MET001
Sell In Pieces

Mold For Sale

Code: HEAR09
Heart Shape Design
Size: Diameter = 4cm

 Code: NUM01
Number 0-9
Height = 2.5cm
 Code: ANI01
Animals Mold
Mickey Mouse , Pluto, Donald Duck.
Mold is a single sheet which has eight (8) different designs
 Size: 4cm W x 5cm H